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6 days ago
#NYDF Endorser Perspectives Report insights:

LESSON #1: Implementation of #deforestation-free commitments by companies & governments is slow due to barriers that require multi-level and multi-sectoral solutions.

Read more lessons learned: https://t.co/gAoh9wbVfW https://t.co/idC1qX8Fvx
2 weeks ago
New Webinar Training video: The @NASA #Forest Integrity Project.

An introduction to how to connect to the UN Biodiversity Lab and use it to access and visualize tropical forest #data.

Watch the English version here: https://t.co/nVGA3Vmcd9 https://t.co/eNK62OdElZ
2 weeks ago
Read the latest @Forest500 report on the most influential companies and financial institutions in forest-risk supply chains. Very useful data for assessing progress on #Goal2 of the NYDF. https://t.co/9TF9kn7dTe
Forest 500 @Forest500
40% of the most influential companies assessed in forest-risk supply chains still do not have any deforestation commitments. Read our latest assessment on the 500 most influential companies & financial institutions in the @Forest500 annual report: https://t.co/S8jRzVMxW9 https://t.co/Gs0xLJxNRJ

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